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labbin URL Shortener's first major update

labbin URL Shortener's first major update

Front-end Security, System Performance, Data Structure, Link Statistics and User Interface Design has been updated and improved.

Since we launched labbin URL shortener service earlier this year (February 2016). We never stop improving our URL shortener service and growing our users's business with labbin Shortlink Statistics. In this first major update including:

Front-end Security

labbin Safety Redirection detect bad destination site. Helping people safe from malware, virus, phishing site and other threat. Your customer and visitor will feel safe when clicking your shortlink. That's how labbin help you to build a good reputation for your company.

System Performance

Improve system performance help our server to handle many concurrent requests and responses with lower resource usage.

Data Structure

Data is increasing every second. Redesign data structure using multiple techniques allow us to extend our capabilities to manage massive data.

Real Time Statistics

Real time Shortlink statistics lets you know more about your visitor and customer. Including first tier technology that track and measure the performance of your marketing campaign.

User Interface Design

Easy to shorten URL with just 1 click. Read and track URL statistics by adding '+' (plus sign) at the end of short URL.